Art History Memes

As Monty Python teaches us, it’s worthwhile to be spontaneous and witty!

Every so often, it’s nice to break up the more pragmatic content with some offbeat and downright silly material (see: The Dog Did My Homework)! As I have advocated throughout this blog, play is the crux for both artful learning and our overall social, emotional and cognitive development; so this post falls into the category of ‘playfully serious.’ A few months ago, I wrote a post in response to the Mike Pence fly phenomenon (see: Art-fly Learning), where I describe a few fundamental ways in which memes can add substantial pedagogical value to the curricula. Bernie Sanders is the latest political figure to star in memes reflecting a range of topics and environments throughout visual culture, fine art and specialized areas of academic, professional and entertainment interests.

Bern the midnight oil….After Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks (1942)

Memes combine clarity, creativity and humor to draw connections between discipline specific subject matter and the culture at large. The familiarity that most school age generations have with memes, makes them a useful tool for re-presenting learned and experienced knowledge in an engaging and  socially relevant manner. Students can create memes to show their  understanding of any form of educational content, from Algebra to Art History. The latter subject is the premise of this post, which previews a few of the memes I have created based on works from the canon of Art History (and those outside of the canon too, because honestly the canon should be dismantled!). The memes playfully comment on each artwork’s form, function, content and context, while making (what I feel to be) witty statements about contemporary culture.

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