Artfully Learning Audio Series, Episode 1: School(s)

Dear readers,

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Artfully Learning: The Audio Series! The first episode is now available on the Artfully Learning YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe!), as well as at the end of this post. After nearly 200 blog posts, this audio series will be a supplemental media platform for me to share ideas, concepts and insightful analysis related to art and education. This journey will be extra special, because it enables me to have one-on-one conversations with artists whose work is in tandem with educational themes. 

I have always wanted to do a podcast or audio blog and decided that for the inaugural episode, it would be apt to discuss a series of artworks that are inspired by actual school buildings themselves. It was an honor to be joined by the artist, Susan Leopold, who made the aforementioned works of art. I recently wrote a blog post about Leopold’s series of small wall-mounted sculptures that represent vacant classrooms, hallways and offices of schools as an aesthetic exploration into abstraction, as well as a conceptual investigation of memory, juvenescence and the contrasting nature of schools as both sanctuary spaces and danger zones (see: School(s)).

Susan and I had a great conversation about art education, school settings and the state of education at large. Check it out below:


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