Artfully Learning Audio Series, Episode 11: Cetacean Creations and Whale Tales

Richard Dolan, Blue, Mark 4 (with entanglement configuration), 2019, acrylic on pine, poplar, and spruce wood. Courtesy of the artist.

In this episode, I am joined by artist, educator and naturalist Richard Dolan, for a discussion on the connections between visual art, education and marine biology. 

Each of Dolan’s practices are complementary to one another and have led to an educational campaign that makes scientific learning about whales and the overall issue of ocean conservation accessible to diverse audiences. 

Dolan teaches with the interactive sculptures he makes, which are scale models of whales. He also provides his sculptures to other educators affiliated with museums and whale watching companies. Through the universal language of sculpture and visual art, Dolan’s work makes learning about whale physiology and behavior an intimate and hands-on experience.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to our conversation, which focuses on a variety of ways that artistic thinking can influence other subjects and lead to greater awareness about the natural world.

This episode is now available on the Artfully Learning YouTube channel (please be sure to subscribe so you get notified of future episodes!).

You can also listen to it below:


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