What we can learn from Tim Rollins (1955-2017)

With the very sad news that Tim Rollins (1955-2017) has passed away, it is important that we recognize and harness the lessons he taught generations of inner city youth and the art world at large. Tim Rollins, was an artist, activist, and most importantly, a passionate educator who co-founded the activist art Group Material in […]

Tim Rollins and Visual Literacy

Tim Rollins is an artist and arts educator based in New York City. While Rollins was teaching middle school art in the Bronx, he became an after school mentor to students, providing a safe space for them to discuss, analyze, and create collaborative works of art. In 1982, he formed the Art and Knowledge Workshop […]

The Kids Are Alright

Throughout this blog, I have frequently written about and cited the work of Tim Rollins as a valuable contributor to the fields of both art and education. Rollins’ dedication and passion as a visual artist and educator is testimony that the two disciplines are intrinsic to each other, and that learning through the arts has […]

Artists as Illustrators: Promoting Visual Literacy

Visual art and literature have a great symbiotic relationship of supporting and influencing each other in profound ways. When visual artists collaborate with writers, they illuminate certain areas of a written narrative. Whether an artist takes a more literal aesthetic approach or interprets the plot more abstractly, the juxtaposition of text and image can be […]

Word! Comprehending and Expressively Exploring Written Language

When used as both object and subject (objectively and subjectively), written words open our minds to an endless array of meaning. All letters in every written language have an aesthetic quality to them. They can add substance and context to a work of art, such as in the work of Pop Artists like Roy Lichtenstein […]

Dictionary of Art Educators

Artfully Learning’s mission is to provide connections and deeper understandings between the disciplines of education and contemporary art. This page is a working compendium of individuals who have made contributions to the fields of both art and education. Many of the names listed below have been featured in previous posts, or will be discussed in future […]

Collaborating with Kids: Problem-posing Models for Profound Works of Art

When professional artists work together with kids, there are many symbiotic social, emotional, symbolic and practical benefits. The combinatory artistic process and creation of  a work of art exemplifies what Paulo Freire described as “problem-posing education,” a pedagogical methodology that supports critical thinking for the purpose of student-centered liberation. Freire’s theory is that knowledge is achieved […]

Howard Schwartzberg and Reality Art

Brooklyn based artist and educator Howard Schwartzberg realizes the potential that art can have for everyday life. Like Tim Rollins, Schwartzberg was actively showing his art in galleries throughout New York City before completely devoting his practice to socially engaged art education, which he has taught for over twenty five years. Beginning as an itinerant […]