Artfully Learning Audio Series

The Artfully Learning Audio Series is a supplemental media platform to the Artfully Learning blog posts.

Each episode focuses on a specific idea, concept and insightful analysis related to an art and education theme.

Most of the episodes will also feature one-on-one conversations with artists, educators, curators and other arts professionals, whose work is in tandem with art-centered pedagogy.

Every episode will be available on the Artfully Learning YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe so you can automatically receive updates about when the latest program is uploaded. Or you can just bookmark this page, because you will find an archive of each episode below.

Episode 9: Glorious Wounds

My guest on this episode is artist and educator Gabo Camnitzer. Gabo and I spoke about his multidisciplinary art practice, which often analyzes pedagogical methodologies and systematic structures within contemporary classrooms and schools. One example is his 2021 installation, “Glorious Wound,” which examines the use of technology and traditional materials in the classroom and their past and present ramifications on teaching and learning. In doing so, the work prompts critical thinking around the future of the classroom as an architectural, political and social space. While the artwork scrutinizes materials created for educational purposes, it also highlights the flexibility of educators in light of myriad challenges within the classroom.

Episode 8: Junk Dump Magazine

When I first learned about Junk Dump Magazine,  I knew that I would have to feature the incredible work the founders,  Mia Schoolman, Grace Brouillet, and Dlisah Lapidus were doing on Artfully Learning. In this episode, I was delighted to speak with them about their vision for creating a print magazine for young and emerging artists.

Episode 7: Ecoart Education

My guest on this episode is environmental artist and educator, Susan Hoenig. Hoenig’s multidisciplinary artworks are intended to help us become attuned to ecology.

Episode 6: Froebel’s Gifts to Contemporary Art

In this episode I speak with Vivien Collens about her sculptures, which are informed by playful and materials-based explorations and Friedrich Froebel’s early childhood educational theories and methodologies.

Episode 5: Mishou

My guest on this episode is Milah Libin. She is an artist, as well as a magazine and art book publisher focused on bridging the gap between artists of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of artistic exposure. Her magazine, Mishou, highlights artists and readers ages 15 and younger, but is also just as essential and engaging for emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

Episode 4: Intergenerational Museum Education

Seth Cameron, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of the Arts, talks about the benefits of integenerational art experiences and the challenges and rewards of running a children’s art museum.

Episode 3: Museum Schools

Katherine Kelbaugh, the founding principal of The Museum School of Avondale Estates and the Executive Director of National Association of Museum Schools, defines what museum schools are and how their diverse curricula prompts students to become lifelong learners and supports their social and emotional well-being.

Episode 2: The Museum in the School

Alexandra Rutsch Brock discusses the educational and cultural benefits of having a museum and a visiting artist program within a public high school.

Episode 1: School(s)

Susan Leopold speaks about her intricate sculptures of school interiors, as well as her memories about learning art in school and later becoming an arts educator.